30 Days Of Jaye: Over My Shoulder…Thank You

without you

I could never be who I am

I could never have seen

what I have seen

nor be able to find what

I sought through what seemed

like a never ending night

thank you for being my rock

and my morning star

thank you for being you

thank you for letting me be me

thank you for never leaving me

for embodying my wishes

for being my desire

for being my healing balm

and my spark…for being my ache

for giving me something to reach for and keep

thank you for telling me that I can

for telling me that never is not an option nor a possibility

thank you for being my love

for your love

thank you for taking my hand, when I didn’t want to walk

for holding me, when I couldn’t see

thank you for consoling me when the tears wouldn’t stop falling

and when they wouldn’t fall at all

thank you for seeing me, as I was, as I am and not changing me

For that, I love you…always…

My wish and my wanting hope is

when you need me,

and you look over your shoulder,  you’ll let me be there….

Jennifer Bush (now Harris) age 24) July 15, 2005