30 Days Of Jaye: Incarnate

to be such a restless

creature in the everyday

is one of the perplexing

thing of her

she is never content in

what she has, or what she

may want

she has a constant need

for more, there is an innate

drive within her depths that

even she at her core does not

fully understand

how could she?

ideas of how to be

faster, sleeker, smarter

than the rest rob her

of sleep, when all that

she desires is peace

that far-off foreign thing

an elusive bedfellow

to rest,

not sleep…just to rest

to have the world fall away

and her with it and into it

quiet of oblivion

longing for such a minute

and intimate thing

denied her for so long

for so long

the weight of baring such

strength has burdened her soul

fully, such things costing her the

softness that is possessed of her kin

to no longer fight for what

is rightfully hers to grasp and keep

 to breathe deep…and finally exhale

-JenniferBush (now Harris) age 23) November 10, 2004-personal canon