Someone Tell Karen That Her Tears Are Getting Old. And People Die Behind Them.

Amy Cooper, in the tradition of other silly White women before her, almost got a Black man killed. This is not pandering, this is not ‘race-baiting,’ this is not ‘pulling the race card’. Amy Cooper called the police on a Black man that was bird-watching in the Ramble section of Central Park! She did it because she could! She did it because her privilege told her: “How dare this n—- tell me what I can and cannot do! I’m going to show him! Watch this!”

And she pulled out her weapon of choice and called 911 saying a Black man was threatening her life. Had he not filmed this incident, who knows what would have happened? From there, Amy Cooper, has lost his job, the dog she wouldn’t put on the leash, and now she is saying her life is ruined.

Allow me to retort: So, WHAT?!

She was hellfire determined to ruin Christopher’s life! Why should be be cincerend in what she is ‘going through’ as it relates to a situation she created! According to Mercury News, her direct quotes as it relates to his situation are:

“I’m not a racist. I did not mean to harm that man in any way.”

Translation: I don’t like that this n—– told me as the epitome of Whiteness empowered by racism and classism, had the (pearl clench!) audacity to tell me what to do?

The problem with this is, on tape, she said this:

“I’m taking a picture and calling the cops. I’m going to tell then there’s an African American man threatening my life.”

Plot twist: All he told her was to put the dog on a leash–the thing which this portion of Central Park advises. He didn’t do anything threatening other than tell a White woman what to do.

I’m going to say this, because it needs to be said. White women need to stop this shit! They need to stop it NOW! There is a reason that feminism in its current permutation is false and not accessible to the people whom would need and benefit from its protection! My Facebook friend and allied troublemaker, Korla Masters, said it this way when she shared this post from Mercury News: “You tried to take out a hit on someone.” Where is the lie? Hint: There is none present.

Now, she is apologizing. Apologizing for WHAT Super Karen? You said you weren’t racist! You said you were just scared! You said that you acted badly, and just didn’t think! Nall, son. That isn’t it. Not at all. Let me give you some historical context. There is a certain class of White women whom do no check other White women whom do things like this! Its not just Amy in the Ramble–it is the women who call campus police when you are sleeping in a common area. It is the White women who think Black girls whom don’t let them treat them like pets are mean! It is the Air B & B owners who think that if the Black guests who would have just ‘smiled and waved at the neighbors’ wouldn’t have gotten the police called on them. Karens, Amys, Beckys and Susans are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Miss Millie, on the Color Purple.

Children cry when they can’t get what they want. Children with no other coping skills, cry when they care confronted–rather than admit what they did wrong. Crying is deflection! Crying is psuedosympathy! It is manipulation and control! It is a way of moving the situation out of the center of the conflict, focusing on your reaction to the situation (again) that you caused!

It is similar to when a child breaks something you told them not to touch. When they break it, and you hold them to account (Look at what you did! You broke this! I told you not to touch it!), and they scream and fall out? Why? They don’t want to be blamed. Being ‘blamed’ comes with consequences. It comes with people whom will hold you to account for your behavior! It comes with negative attention, and judgement! Righteously so! I mean, you did something wrong!

White women like this whom use tears as weapons never want to be held to account to or for problematic behavior! They are completely absorbed with being in the center and what they power means. In removing them from the center, to focus on what they did wrong, activates this deflection mechanism!


There is something sinister about this. There is something evil about manipulating the emotions of people for your personal benefit and gain! You White women have to understand your ancestors with their tears and lies have decimated communities! They have caused the deaths of innocent people! They have caused people undo stress, loss of jobs and their peace of mind! No one care that this woman’s life is being ‘destroyed’! No one cares that the White Woman Coalition of Basic Beckys have decided that being called a “Karen” is equivalent to being called a ‘nigger‘ and they they cry because it hurts! It also hurts to lay in the street and bleed out for 4 hours. It also hurts to be a Black woman to be in an environment where if she doesn’t smile, she can be written up because she is considered ‘not a team player’.

It is tiresome. The tears are a ploy. No one is falling for this! And there is no reason for this to keep happening in 2020! However, want to know why it keeps happening? People react to it. People excuse it! They coddle the White girl that messes up! She gets her hair smoothed, her gets the Big Bad Black person who was mean to her fired. She gets the delegated mammie to tell her “Its gon be alright, my little Lamb”, like Mammie in Gone With The Wind. She gets the promotion. She gets the attention for a brand! She gets Instagram followers. She gets to be forgiven–with her actions considered just ‘over reacting’. Whiteness will always excuse the foolishness of its children, its supporters and the dainty evil fragility of its worshipers.

White women know when they cry, someone will do something.

When Black women cry, we are told we are too loud.

Make it make sense, Karen?

I’ll wait.