When Is It Going To Be Enough?

Note: I’m finna go in.

This is a mood.

I am tired. I am angry. I am a Black woman in America trying to maintain, live and love while trying not to be killed by the White supremacy-powered law enforcement! I am just trying to live! Why is this so hard for folk?

I am tired on a level that I am sure other activists and writers are–it is outrage fatigue! I am tired of trying to tell the people who desire to kill us, and the apathetic people that watch them do it, to stop doing it! I want to be finally been seen in a country my ancestors built, whose blood is still in the soil!

I am tired, family. I am tired!

Yet, I will not be quiet. To be quiet now is to be complicit. To be complicit is to side with the oppressor. In siding with the oppressor, I come into agreement with the plan for my own destruction! I cannot allow this to happen!

In siding with social change, in championing social upheaval, I can only feel my strength return. I feel my help coming in the form of the energy surrounding and flowing around me. It is the embrace of change, the aniticpation of new hope that allows me to keep going. But even then, my question is–“When will it be enough?”

When will there be enough hashtags?

When will there be enough video?

When will there be enough ‘bad cops’ caught?

When will enough ‘good cops’ speak up?

When will the children and grandchildren whom are descendants of slave owners stop being concerned with the preservation of their power and influence to do what is right? Not even ‘right’–just fair?

When will the burden of dismantling such a system be shared beyond the fear Black/Brown and Indigenous people face?

When will the repeated DEATH of people be enough to change a system?

I mean, if the world still rejects Jesus…I suppose the blood of Black folk won’t fix it either.