Solidarity In Blackface: Top Of The List Of What You Need Never Do

I don’t know who thought this was a good idea.

I don’t know if this is the type of thing that happens when liberal solidarity lacks solidarity. I Don’t know if this started as a movement, and ended up a mess—but I know as a Black woman that still struggles to see herself in the Beauty industry, this is a mess. A FRESH FISH GREASE HOT MESS! There is a way to stand in solidarity with Black women, using Black-owned cosmetics from same said Black cosmetics companies, without transforming yourself as a WHITE WOMAN, into a BLACK WOMAN.

This. Helps. Nothing. Please.

Stop. Doing. This. Shit. NOW!

I get it! We are in a time where the earnest thing to do is trying to support. I get that there are influencers are seeing now the demographics they have ignored! I even understand trying to support Black Lives Matter by showing ‘beauty is only skin deep’. But this? Like this? NO. Remember when Kim Kardashian West tried something similar a couple years ago? I do!

Is it bad enough some (not all) white women make sport of making the Black female form a damn commodity?!

Isn’t it bad enough that I, and other Black women that work in white-dominant spaces have to adjust our HAIR to not cause a problem? But Kayla in Marketing can get ‘boxer braids’ to wear to the company party and be seen as ‘edgy’ and ‘trending.’ Seeing your body—that you are taught to either shame or share—being celebrated on someone else what doesn’t look like you, or would call HR on you because you didn’t speak to them; spoke to you in a tone of voice; not considered ‘part of a team’ because you refused to be erased or minimized through the mechanism of microaggressions? But you will get on Beyoncé’s internet and pull THIS?


No, white women—no one is going to hold your hand through this revolution!

No, white women—you cannot just ‘darken’ your skin to show how you support Black women, Black men, and the continued equality for Black people! What you can do is when you get these PR packages from certain companies and you don’t see anything darker than light toast? Call them on it. When you see other MUA/influencers stealing the ideas from other brands (YES, YOU HUDA BEAUTY!)? Say something. Learn how to do more than just make up on women that look like you or lighter! Learn that Black girl skin is just as glorious as yours! How you stand with Black women is you give us space; you give us room to create; you stop erasing because of intimidation; you validate—rather than imitate and steal! And afro wig and Fenty PR 420 Pro Filt’r is not going to fix this one…no matter how many of your non-Black girl MUA’s said it would.