What Do You Do When The Sun Is Gone?

For THIS Debra. -JBH


The ancient texts tell us that she, this woman.

this warrior, this guide, this light was

placed between two palm trees.

She was to be sought out and after for all matter

of wisdom, accompanying warriors and soldiers

on battfields–at her coming, at her presence

victory is assured.

What does one do when the sun has died,

and the moon has not yet come,

and we must still go on in this night?

What do you do when the sun has died…?

In the rustle of leaves,

inside the rain hides the thunder,

and from under the belly of the shadow

of death, we will fear no evil.

For thou art with me.

The sun has not died, it has only become the fullness of the moon…

so at night, we, can see the palm trees, and remember to fly.

-JBHarris, June 2020