I Don’t Understand: To The Matter Of Skeeter Mills

Y’all know me. I do not post trauma porn. I will not be posting the video. I will tell you it is on YouTube. I saw it on Instagram this morning. As of this posting, this young man has taken down all his social media. Cameras always reveal who the real gangsters are. -JBHarris

By any means protect Black Women #love #honor #essential #life ...
We must protect Black women, they are our hearts.” -John Boyega, actor

I saw this video this afternoon. This exchange, innocuous at the outset, and clearly the young lady isn’t feeling this dude, and he hit her with a skateboard.


In the video, you see the young lady fall from the blow, and hit the concrete sidewalk. He walked away, talking noise, and being puffed up on the echo chamber of dudes in the background, one of them whom was recording the incident.

No one helped the young Black girl off the ground.

No one ever helps the young Black girl off the ground.

The recording, which is less than three minutes, you hear the utter disrespect and contempt ‘Skeeter Mills’ has for this girl. How it was just so easy for him to hit her, because he felt disrespected. The thing that struck me was everyone of those little boys have a Mama somewhere. They have grandmothers! They have sisters! Why is it, why was it, so easy for him to just assault her? I don’t want to hear excuses that begin or end with, ‘he didn’t know what else to do.’

This is the problem with toxic masculinity! I makes women a target, and leaves men no room to emote: they can only be happy, horny or aggressive. Think about that! What does that mean for Black women and girls! He was saying the young lady that he knocked out with his skateboard disrespected him!


In the video she doesn’t put her hands on him, she’s not so loud that the dudes with him hear what she’s saying from where she is standing. So where was the disrespect to the point he had to hit with a skateboard? The only thing that I can think of is that she told him ‘no’ to something! From that ‘offense’ he was so flipped, that he decided to assault her–and leave her there!–because he felt disrespected?

The thing that disturbs me about this is cats like this will go to war over the women in their lives that find themselves in! They will be incensed that someone had the audacity to hit their sister, their mom, or their close homie! What makes this girl any different? And the fact this young man is Black? In the age we are in now? All I want to do is slap HIM this a skateboard!

Watching this video, I thought:

“I have to teach my daughters how to interact with racists cops; a system that wants to either kill them or erase them, and how to handle men that look like them when they have to tell them no?”

It’s too much. It is entirely too much! And yet. The most troubling thing in this video, his friends, these other beta jackals, are sniggling, and made the sound of a complicity as the skateboard connected with her face “OOH!” Yet no one helped her. No one ever helps the Black girl up off the ground.

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