Sneak Peek-The Uber Driver

Thank you to Big Black Chapters for this challenge through the Facebook Page Big Black Chapters. This might be the start of something else. -JBHarris

Harley fiddled with her keychain outside the St. Anthony’s parking garage. She had called for her Uber after working all day. She flexed her feet in the white Dansko’s she wore. She closed her eyes, remembering the text she received sent during her lunch.

This is over. I want a divorce.

Harley closed her eyes, letting the warmth of the setting sun be pulled into her. It wasn’t the fact that she wanted a divorce. It was the fact that Khia had sent her this at lunch! The thing she normally didn’t get as a nurse on the cardiac transplant floor. Harley checked her lavender iPhone for the status of her Uber. The blinking of stoplight reflected off her phone, telling her that her driver, Samuel, would be there to get her in 12 minutes. Destination: Home.

She exhaled in to the March night, wishing she still had her mother to go home to. Her mother, Elizabeth, would have know what to do. Her perfume, something by Dior, would have enveloped her. Her tears would find safety on whatever shirt she wore. And she would lay in bed with her, and the magic in her bed would let her sleep.

Sleep would not be what she would get tonight. But if Chase as willing, she wouldn’t be sleeping alone either. “Get over one by getting under another,” her mother said. And who was she to argue?