Skinfolk, Kinfolk & Pimpin’ For Promixity

“All the scared n—- are dead.” -Stokey Carmichael

Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies & Bucks: An Interpretive History of Blacks  in American Films: Bogle, Donald: 9780826412676: Books
For your reading. Yes, he’s Black.

As of this posting, we are less than two weeks from the presidential election of 2020. With this being said, there are some things I must get off my chest.

First: I am not a mammie. My job as a Black woman is not to make White people comfortable.

What I have seen going into this election, and the proceeding four years, is nothing short of everything I have heard my father, Malcolm X and Richard Gregory spoke about. It is staggering at the level at which folk that look like me are tap dancing, bedwenching and playing ignorance for that it happening with the affairs of Black people. This is beyond pandering and all of me that is Black and woman is devastated. I cannot wrap my mind around the audacity of skinfolk demand that I put down my Blackness in order to be ruled over by those whom wish my demise!

Like, where am I?

Let me be perfectly honest. I am the descendent of enslaved people. I am descendent of sharecroppers and farmers, and am a third generation reader and second generation college graduate. I was never taught that to side with the oppressor. I was never taught that putting down or downplaying my Blackness was even and option! So, I am dumbfounded at these Black conservatives whom have believed that what we have seen in the return of the Messiah in the from Orange Thanos! I cannot believe that to be Black is to be THIS lost. It is…amazing.

Make no mistake, I understand that Black folk are not a monolith. This is the beauty of the Black experience, we have a group experience (being Black), composed of individual experiences (family dynamics, hometowns, educational backgrounds). I understand that we as a people have a right to be different, to disagree, and even debate! I understand to be Black is not to automatically be one thing. However, what I am going to say is this:

How can you as a Black person, ask me as a Black person to put down my Blackness thinking that in doing that I will then gain access to power? So to deny my Blackness, is to gain power?

Is this what is happening?

Is this what it means to have access to power–at the betrayal of my culture? At the betrayal of my history, experiences, and my own two eyes?

I have no concept of needing access to power that badly at the cost of self. Yet, in looking over the last four years, and my own life experiences, it has seemed that power is what needs to be conserved at all costs. This conserving of power is to be done at the costs–even of self. What is amazing to see is there are echelons of power that can tolerate Black people in roles of troupes.

What are those troupes, you ask?

Mammies. Bucks. Uncle Toms.

Google these troupes. I’ll wait.

Make no mistake, I love us. I truly do. Since I love us, I reserve the right to call out behavior that is detrimental, foul, and fu-ked up! You cannot put own your Blackness for power, or to be the proximity to power, and expect nothing to be said! Moreover, you cannot ask me as an individual whose existence is intersectional (Black and woman) to deny what I cannot control in favor of something which cannot be given to be by virtue of my existence! All the rights that I enjoy have been fought for! From my ‘freedom’, to education, and my right to vote! My SEX got the right to vote before my RACE did!

So now, days out from this election, the corrupt right is pandering towards minority people–whose current representation is a racist, White supremacist. Whom said in his original campaign, “What do you have to lose?”

My answer?

Everything. And I’ll be damned if I lose everything over a lie.