Dear White America: THIS IS BULLSHIT.

You can find “White America” on this album. I’m here for Eminem. Since 1998.

Trump Trains are the new midnight Klu Klux Klan rides! MAGA hats are hoods. As of this posting, a group of racists with their daytime terror ride accosted a Biden-Harris 2020 bus in Austin, Texas–filled with volunteers and other staff, all recording and uploaded to social media. With the FBI investigating (meaning federal charges are coming!), now the story is they were escorting this bus on I-35 on Friday, October 30.

As of this posting, the person who almost caused and accident with traffic and the bus in question, and been identified–and he was Latino. The irony and cruel observation is not lost on me. With that said, let me give this scathing rebuttal. The charge and care of this country is not given to only White people. This nostalgic fiction that White America reveres is a D. W. Griffth’s wet dream! White people are neither the caretakers nor the curators of this nebulous idea of what it means to be American! And the myth that they are should be challenged, shattered and dismissed at every single turn! What I have seen the past four years is the realization that all my parents fears, my grandparents realities and every nightmare conceived and recorded by fair historians. We live in the reality that Ida Bell Wells Barnett recording, and was chased out of Memphis for! We live in a reality that both Martin and Malcolm saw—even if they stood on opposite sides of the same chasm. White America has a serious, cancerous, corrosive problem! It has festered on the tongues of people whom have been at ‘necktie parties’ pointing at bodies swinging in breezes, saw Tulsa burn, seen Black women raped–and were obliged to stay silent. Yet, what we see now in this permutation of such evil is a lust-filled longing, a historical seducing of what it means to be White in this country.

It is the power which they want returned! The complete blank privilege given to be White in a ‘White world.’ They want to rule, subdue, oppress, maim or murder all those whom they see as inferior. Now, I must commend allies (real allies, now) whom have seen such destructive behavior and have decided to disregard racism and the horror it breeds. Yet, my critique still stands! There is a certain class of White American that longs for the days their grandparents spoke of, or they that themselves witnessed! They want power, never equality. They seek to do this through intimidation, division and murder–the same tricks they have always had. The spoken word artist, teacher and NOLA native, Sunni Patterson, in her piece We Know This Place, said this “not always have we had amnesia…they have had the same face for centuries.” I do not have amnesia. I am not blind to the tactics of those who fear me, because they can neither be me, stop me or silence me.

After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it was Malcolm X that said, famously, it was ‘chickens coming home to roost.’ At this moment, I can say the same. The foxes and wolves are building the hen houses! The racism we see now is not new. It is not foreign. It is not going away.

Why not, you ask? It is rooted in a Toni Morrison quote: “If you can only be tall because somebody is on their knees, then you have a serious problem! And in my opinion, White people have a very serious problem!”

I agree.

Even the educator and activist, Jane Elliot, says that all White people in this nation are racists–and it is impossible not to be! With that said, there are a certain class of White people that like to be tall because the rest of us are on their knees. They like the madness that comes with racism, the callousness coded as indifference. The discrimination translated as ‘this is just how we have always done things.’ They fly a flag of succession, treason and dissent claiming it to be culture! The fear of the subjugated standing is what they fear–but we rise anyway. We have no choice! We cannot protect our children living on our knees.

White America, with your domestic terrorists radicalized at home; your lust for nostalgia and propagates stereotypes and the type of heroism you will never possess; witnessing the death of your spread lies around you–this is the hill on which you lie. And continue to lie…because you have mistaking the bittersweet of reality for the aspartame of all that is false! Preferring this because to admit otherwise is to admit what you have done, your ancestors have done, what you now benefit from makes you worse than any monster Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft could conjure.

The chickens are indeed roosting…but now we have cell phones to record everything.