Long Live The Rebellion

Black Panther's Shuri Is Officially A Disney Princess
This is the only Disney Princess I want my daughters to model themselves after.

I’m a fighter.

I fought to get into this world, and I have a fought every day thereafter to stay in it. On the eve of this election which feels like the into Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV if you’re counting), I feels as if the Empire has indeed ascended and the only hope left in the universe is the Resistance–us!

According to astrology, one of the most rebellious signs is a Cancer. My birthday is June 24–I’m not on the cusp, I’m a true Cancer. What ever the outcome of this in the succeeding days and months, I am indeed a part of the resistance. I am a part of being a point of resource, help, and light to all that need it! It took the Avengers 10 movies to snap Thanos, so I don’t have room to sulk or cry! I gotta suit up!

The preceeding four years have been dark, scary and eye-opening. I have seen like never before what people will do to hold on to power, access to privilege and proximity to powerful. I have seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ—a rebel in His own right!–whored, watered down and shown to be sold to the highest bidder. I have seen division as I have only read about in dystopian novels!

July 4th Zodiac Sign
I neither can confirm or deny…

Am I shocked? No.

Am I scared? Yes.

How unfair it is to have lost Stokley Carmichael and Chadwick Boseman in the same year, only to have Racist Vader’s life be preserved by healthcare average people cannot get! How is this life?

Do understand I ask this rhetorically.

What this election has shown is what people respect, what people honor, what people cherish, what people want, is all tied to what they can control–which is all the more scary. With this said, I’m not too scared to fight. I am too scared as to what will happen if I give up! I am afraid what will happen to my children if I allow the learned helplessness to encroach, overtake and rob me of that fire Audre Lorde spoke about. That light that Dylan Thomas told us to rage against–‘rage, rage against the dying of the light.’

Then, I shall rage. I shall roar. I shall work and love and support. I will do as my forbearers have! I will cry loud, and spare not–there is work to do. There is an Empire to takeover, and I will not allow the story of my life to be told by someone whom did not help me write it.

The Resistance is now. The Resistance is happening. The Resistance is on-going.