Life Is Complete! ‘Blossom’ Is On Hulu!

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I am at the age where I can remember Clarissa Explains It All and Blossom! These kids don’t know how essential both of these shows were to a girl growing up in the 1990’s. Clarissa Darling helped me with my snark and individuality, while Blossom Russo reminded me that even if life around me was crazy, I would make it too! Plus, that is when Joey Laurence was SO FINE! But I’m getting ahead myself.

It was through Monday nights at 8pm on NBC from age 9 until 14, I was a fan of Blossom Russo—and thus Mayim Bialik. Yes, Dr. Sheldon Coopers girlfriend is ‘Blossom’! I loved this show, and even had the ‘Blossom hat’! There was something genuine about her, her best friend Six (it was the 1990’s! I don’t make the rules of naming these fictional people!)–and I so desired to be that cool! But, I loved Blossom because she was pretty and awkward and confident! And her family was just as off the wall as I thought mine was! But with that said, I began to be a fan of Mayim, followed everything she did after! So, when she earned her doctorate in Nanoscience?


I am even looking forward to her new show on Fox in January! Like?! I love with artists find a way to balance what they love and what they are drawn to do! I’m a working writer, and artist by nature–and still have a day job in healthcare. So, seeing Mayim do all this? It’s lit!

And as far as Joey Laurence wanting a Blossom reunion–the show is 25 years old now!–I’m on the fence about that. I’m not sure, honestly! I mean it is the same way I feel about the revamping of Punky Brewster. There’s a nostalgia to these shows! I mean I was invested! With that investment, I want either the revamp to be done right, or just put it on keep it on Hulu. Besides, I still dance to that theme music. You have to be raised in the 90’s to really understand how lit theme music is. But the kids aren’t ready for that conversation yet.