Going Home Again…

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This is one of my favorite books by Morrison, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Whose house is this?

Whose night keeps out the light

In here?

Say, who owns this house?

It’s not mine.

I dreamed another, sweeter, brighter,

With a view of lakes crossed in painted boats

As fields wide as arms open for me.

This house is strange.

Its shadows lie.

Say, tell me why my does its lock fit my lock?

Home, Toni Morrison

I’ll level with you. I am a secret PoliSci fan. I love the discourse and conversation that going around issues, topics and other things that are pertinent to make the world run. So with the the event that was, that is, the Election 2020, I am left with one question: Can you go ‘home’ again? And for that matter where is home? And where is home for one that decided home isn’t where you want to be?

What I believe has not been really spoken about is this idea of what it means to reconcile. There are people whom have voted for the 45th President, knowing his alligator nature, and it doesn’t matter. They voted for a man that is evil, corrupt, bigoted, vapid, ignorant and is an accused rapist and pedophile! This populace of better than 70 million people, voted for him–again. Again!

Now that they have lost, after leading or being a part of an abusive barrage for the last four years, these people whom voted for division, crave unity.

They want to work for peace.

They want understanding.

They want forgiveness and us all to…forget.

There are the same people that voted for a man who said, “Grab ’em by the pussy’ now want to be washed from the stain of this Agent Orange. They desire us whom have been hurt, maimed, the survivors of the maligned and murdered to now reason with them.

The divide in the nation, the disregard for all that has happened 400 years prior to the 4 we have endured, now you want to talk of peace when all we know is war? Right now, and for the foreseeable present, I don’t see coming to the table. I don’t see any ease to be had when one of the parties whom desires peace has instigated, perpetuated war!

There is no home for people who cannot value it. But, in that concept of home–there is always a place for you. Home is both static and dynamic. It is a place to leave, take with you and for you to return to! However, what is ‘home’ to one that desired to put someone else out of one? What I do not think Trump supporters understand is this not about what you voted for. This is not just about policy disguising prejudice.

This is a violence most intimate. It is not just corporal, but spiritual! Those who have agreed with body and mind to vote for a fool should be treated as such. You cannot ask for absolution when you will not admit what you have done which wounded. The concept of home is still there, still applicable, but the people you left there–whom you desire to be there when you decide to return–may not be there.

Why should they be? The presumption that you want those whom you left to be there when you return, no matter the abuse, is not rational. You cannot tell me to die, wish me so, do all that you can ensure I die–but with my last breath I fight and live? You cannot then come help me up!

What is home, to Trump supporter after ripping hearts, lives and families asunder?

What is home whom has no idea of what it means to really be at home?

Why should we have to relinquish the right to peace because no you choose to war no more?

The thing that I wish that Trump supporters knew is that your call to unity is on deaf ears right now. Home is not here for you right now! No one is answering the knock and your crocodile tears. No one! Stop knocking!

For the moment, this key they have? They need to understand that the door it corresponds to? The lock might be changed. Just like you have the right to leave home, the people who have to live there all the time have a right to keep peace within it at all costs!

I don’t think reconciliation and unity are the words which need to be used by people who know their dear leader separated children from their families–and made no attempt to confront that! No, keep your ‘peace’. And stay off my lawn.