Addictions & The New Drugs

No Matter the Drug, Addiction Treatment is a Family Affair

My mom has been checking on me non-stop since this pandemic started. I mean, texting, calling and FaceTime. She said she wanted to make sure that I am ‘doing okay.’ After my initial irritation, and eye rolling, I would pour back into whatever I was doing.

During the pandemic, I have written. I have submitted. I have been a part of dope projects. I have created dope projects! But I have submerged myself in my writing–like I had not before! Why? There is time. In the beginning of the pandemic, I won’t lie to you. I slept, watched the news, corralled my kids and wrote.

And wrote. And wrote.

My addiction has been reactivated: writing.

However, this got me thinking. I watched a documentary on VICE called Battling Addiction During A Pandemic (apt title I know) last week about people with substance abuse addictions and how they are caring for themselves in this pandemic. And, I wish I hadn’t. What I have found that helps me in this global pandemic, is what I have always done to cope–I write. Yet, in watching this documentary I had blinders taken off of me!

This pandemic has forced us all to turn inward, yes. But in that turning inward, we forget there are people in the world whom are truly struggling! In this documentary, there are mental health workers and substance abuse counselors detailing how they are trying to care of their caseloads, clients whom are finding community and support on-line, and the reality people are relapsing or committing suicide.

It was a rude awakening. There are people barely managing the issues that have come with the pandemic (isolation, unemployment, etc) I cannot imagine what it is like to have those feelings compounded by the maintaining of sobriety! It truly is humbling. It truly is a reminder to be understanding, present and realize that the world is larger than my issues. It is also a reminder that my Writers’ Block is not as bad as I think it is.

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