Knowing Where The Dangerous White People Are

Dave Chappelle addresses Trump, racism and the coronavirus in a powerful ' SNL' monologue: 'Did I trigger you?'
“I don’t know why poor white people aren’t wearing masks,” he said. “What is the problem? You wear a mask at the Klan rally — wear it at the Walmart, too!” -Dave Chappelle, SNL-11/7/2020

I have been a fan of Dave Chappelle before he ever had a show on Comedy Central. I love him like I love Richard Pryor and George Carlin. In literature, the ‘fool’ or the ‘jester’ character are the only people able to speak truth to power in a way no one else could or can. Humor is most cutting when it is dressed in truth. All Dave Chapelle and those known as comedic legends have done before them have told truth to power–through humor.

While embracing the new thing that is TikTok, I ran across this joke that I thought was brillant–because it was true. The Black comedian said that growing up in the South gave him a distinct alert when it came to identifying what places or which people would be safe. That identifier was the Rebel flag! He said that while it was good thing to take the flag down, and to encourage others to realize it is a traitorous symbol–he said, but without this identifier, “But how will I know where the dangerous White people are?”

I cackled laughing…because it was true.

This American experiment and the travesty of the Elections of 2016 and 2020 have shown me exactly where the dangerous White people are! And the fact the world was up in arms over what (truth) Dave Chappelle said, solidifies there is a group of White people who are not ready to have a real conversation about race, white fragility and comfort, and its effect on Black and White people!

I am the grandchild of slaves and sharecroppers. My grandmother came North from Mississippi when my mother was young, and I cannot imagine having to live anywhere else. With that fact, whenever we as members of my maternal family would visit Mississippi, or even when I would road trip there as an adult, I looked to tell-tale signs of safe White people…and not safe White people. That flag is always an indicator that me or me an mine would not be safe.

I make it my mission to own my space as a Black woman, and doing that makes me aware of non-Black people whom fear me as either Black or woman. It comes with the territory! I don’t shy away from race conversations, I believe Fox News/Clapper/Newsmax/Parler help to radicalize domestic terrorists, and I refuse to ever acknowledge any ‘blue life’ that is not a Smurf, Avatar or Sonic the Hedgehog! What I need White America to understand is this: racism is your fault. Since it is your fault, the onus to fix it is up to you! Black people do not have the social power to be racist and our culture is not costume! There is no part of me that is Black or woman that cares that you take issue with me being Black or woman! I have no desire to wake up White, yet I won’t want to become Breonna Taylor or Sandra Bland because the officers the skewed justice system refuses to acknowledge or punished, cannot be held to account!

The flag the cult of 45 carry is draped in the blood of my ancestors. It is your heritage, and that heritage is evil! That heritage was your racist ancestor’s cloak of invisibility! It allowed then to work among people who murdered, terrorized, lied and intimidated non-White people for sport; for the purpose of ‘ensuring’ your power would never be toppled, questioned or dismantled.

It is a reminder to the chattel you once owned that they were never be people. Sunni Patterson said it best:

“Not always have we had amnesia…”

Sunni Patterson, WE KNOW THIS PLACE

It is fitting that you be stained ORANGE–a florescent color, that rhymes with no other English word, and is indicative of traffic cones before spinning out over a guard rail! The conversation is over concerning whether or not 45 was/is a bigoted, xenophobic, racist. The reality for you whom hide behind the Trump 2020 flags, faceless troll accounts, Trump garb atop the mountain of rebel flags believing the lie that is its belonging to Southern Heritage, is you, too, are a racist, xenophobic, bigot. So, him screaming such hateful rhetoric was music to your ears, wasn’t it? With you being lulled to sleep by the demonic Sandman, you had no problem falling in smooth lock-step with all he wanted to do–because nothing else mattered!

Now, that he has lost, and you have lost, with there being nothing for you to hang on to, you wrap yourself in the racist dress up clothes, refusing to concede to reason, but mad you are asked to wear a mask to Wal-Mart? And mad at Dave Chappelle? You clearly have learned nothing from the first time you all lost the Civil War! It doesn’t make sense to go through that level of embarassment again.

We are not our ancestors–we are empowered by them. If you like Leti is something else? Imagine and army of them. This is not the smoke you want. Go home and repent–Jesus is Black, I promise He will get you together.

[image SNL screenshot]