It’s A Celestial Happening, And I Need To Know Who I’m Riding With…

Jupiter and Saturn's great conjunction is today! | Astronomy Essentials |  EarthSky

From “On the night of December 21, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will appear so closely aligned in our sky that they will look like a double planet. This close approach is called a conjunction. The fact that this event is happening during the winter solstice is pure coincidence, according to NASA…”

The most interesting thing that I have seen during my three months on TikTok is just how creative Black folk are! On December 21 and the days preceding, the full magic of US was on display all over social media! The question posed to all of universal Blackness was: “What superpower did you want?”

I am a part of a couple BLERD groups, and to see this conversation transferring from these selected pages, to a bigger cultural conversation? I was thrilled!

For record, I want the Psonic force: This is the power source for the cosmic, celestial being known as The PHOENIX. I mean, my alter ego is The Ideal Firestarter after all!

Yet, there was a magic to this conversation. A happy nostalgia even! This is the specialness that comes with being Black! We can have conversations and create events simply on the power of imagination. I have laughed at Facebook posts, videos on Instagram (shouts to @thejokesoneddie!), and retweeting my own thoughts on Twitter! There was a buzz–and extra one even!–around being Black!

Now, Black folk have always been magic. We have always been amazing. We have always had the heavens as our guide, and ancestors as a map! To be Black, especially now, feels like it’s own superpower; for the heavens to literally align with all this power? It is marvelous!

This is amazing, seeing all this Black dreaming and seeing and conversing! I just need to know once we all cross over into this new magical realm, do we need to get a ride there and back because I don’t have gas to do both! So, if I can ride with someone, that’s cool. If someone wants to ride with me, that’s cool too. But, since the Psionic Force would allow me to fly, do I really have to drive? I mean, as we divvy all of this up, do DC and Marvel Characters need to ride together or is that another matter?

I need to know these things! Like, I have children! Do I need to have a power that can be hereditary? If that’s the case, we can just translate at the house and fly there and back!

Yet, what is amazing–the thing that makes me so happy about this joy about this event–has to be the fact that Black people are celebrating US! This type of celebration is like the hug I have needed through the fiery furnace which is 2020! It was good to laugh, and dream, and be silly with people who you don’t have to explain such cultural colloquiums with. We don’t need a day to be magic–we’ve always been magic. The world just forgot.