January 6, 2021

American Flag Ripped from National Guard Soldier's California Home |  Military.com

Throughout the whole tyranny of reign of Orange Thanos, I have kept my strength on a steady diet of dystopian fiction, PoliSci and V For Vendetta. I remember the night Vader came to power I sat at work, and watched V For Vendetta. I remember holding my breath, baring down, teeth clenched and—scared. That same feeling I had when I gave birth, both times no less.

I had a panic attack on November 3.

I waited for the whole world to catch up with votes, recounts and abject craziness.

I watched as the right fawned, lied, prayed and schemed to take this election from President-elect.

Fake news.

Legitimate versus illegitimate votes (which is really just coded language for it was too many non-white people voted).

Crazy television appearances.

The non-conceding.

And the abject delusion and outright denial of reality–to the tune of 74 million people.

With that said, what happened at the Capitol, on Capitol Hill, in broad daylight? How? How in the big wide world does one get the unmitigated gall to take off work, storm a federal building, to LARP Call of Duty or Metal Gear? On buses? And–it’s just too much!

I will say it forever that this insurrection was an inside job. The footage being revealed to the greater world shows police officers moving barricades, taking selfies with insurrectionists, and directing the mob to where all the legislators were! The thing that is so glaring with this–aside from the treatment of these domestic terrorists and BLM protests!–is the fact that these people thought nothing would happen to them!

Now, people are unnerved that these group of racist, White people are being held to account–because the law does not lean favorable to the delusional! There is a whole thread on Twitter called #NoFlyList that depicts people whom were at this coup, being put off planes, being arrested and being labeled terrorists!

And as this story develops, I want all of these Call of Duty Navy Seals to be caught. I want them to be prosecuted! I want them to know that the law is not a weapon for evil–and it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun is it?