Black history is made daily! It is the evidence that progress is happening and is still needed! There is a pride that comes with discovering history, and seeing your face in it! The teaching of Black History still matters because it ignites a child or adult to learn more about where they come from–so they can know where they can go!

There was a reason why my heart races when I think of the teaching of Black History is because it is a validation! It is a reminder that our history, our collective history, on these shores does not begin nor end with slavery. Since it does not, but the world wants to define it us as and with the chain of our ancestors, we have to remind ourselves of this very fact! Slavery and captivity is not the destination, nor definition of all Black people!

The word excellence is defined two ways:

the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.

an outstanding feature or quality.

When Black History is taught it dismantles the lie white supremacy worships that says::

Black people are nothing without the hand of white supremacy.

Blackness is all things lackluster and evil.

Blackness is where all goodness goes to die, and unless washed with the detergent of white supremacy–which is erasure!–it cannot be acceptable. Will never be accepted.

Yet, Black History is American History. The nation was built, sustained, and maintained by the enslaved people, and other immigrants/minority groups. White supremacy tells the world at large that all those who worship this god of whiteness can only be great or seen if those in power say so! Having a minority person be ignorant of their history is just another way to control them!

Black history tells us that Black people are not an anomaly, neither are they ignorant, nor a mistake. It teacher all those willing to listen white supremacy is the lie! It always has been! Why else would the truth be hidden unless the inferior didn’t want it known? Black history didn’t start with Dr. Carter G. Woodson–it was him that was dogged enough to find it in order to share it! For that bravery, we are charged to go and do likewise! We must! Our excellence, history and future demand it. We cannot stop. We will not stop.

History matters–and it matters who tells it. The time is over for the hunter to tell what happened when their are lions and their cubs still present! We are the lions. We are still the victors–and history is the spoils!