When The Love Poet Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore

What happens when the love poet

Doesn’t believe in love anymore?

When there is no more honey

To mine from the mind of our honeycombs

To remind the world that all

It needs is love.


This lie fed to us

Inside of a four-letter word,

That is supposed to right

All that is upside-down

Or buried on the inside of


What happens with

Love not present in

The pens, absent from

The pages, and is not

Sought after in the

Life of the poet?

What happens to the poet who stops looking for love?

And when they believe that love no longer looks for them?

The poet writes what

They know,

And even what they don’t.

With the hope that

Both will return.

-©JBHarris, 2.28.2021