From The Crates

I originally did this challenge as a new blogger on The Ideal Firestarter. I wanted a way to have content and not have to think really hard about what to come up with next. With that said. I believe it is time to revisit this challenge!

There are so many things that I still want to say, so many things that I have lived through and I believe it can only be a good thing to revisit this challenge with new eyes! I believe, just as bell hooks does, that no woman has ever written enough! There is a need always to write–there is always something to say. There is always something to observe, work out, or report!

I am excited to redo this challenge, and I believe it will a good way to stretch. The only things I am going to change:

Week 3: Why Erasure Is Trash

Week 11: Beware of Karens

I am looking forward to this. Two posts a week for the next 15 weeks. This is going to be fun.