30 DAYS OF JAYE: Aching (From the crates)

I have found peace

at last within the walls

of my mind

I have taken drastic

measures within my

own psyche to preserve

its balance

I have reverted to the

force that fuels me,

to protect me from the

unseen and what I have


I shroud myself in

it, praying for its

protection and

seclusion from the pain

of the world

my intent was never

to hurt, merely to help

and preserve.

The resulting ache

that arises comes

at the acknowledgment

of what I have done to

sustain what once brought

me so much happiness,

now only allows me to

remember the sorrow

I linger within the

depths of shallow

sadness, pleading

for the pain to subside,

but part of me knows that

it never will

I cry behind subtle smiles

and shudder in loneliness

beneath my innate charm,

the pain lingers,

but the soul remains

and I will return to the

fire that bore me,

let it restore me,

and burn the pain away.

(c) Jennifer Bush (now JBHarris), May 26, 2004