30 DAYS OF JAYE: I Ain’t Got Enough In Me To Be A Side Chick

I ain’t enough in me to be a side chick.

There is too much in me that demands a real legal place and place it in your life that I would even be subjugated to an understanding to secret lives, hiding wives and intricate lives.

I am more than to misplaced delegation, late night phone calls robbing of love, peace and sleep.

I am better than misplaced holidays

I am better than name calling and abbreviated pillow talk giving me the hope

Only the damned dare take.

I am better than being delegated to the space between your dick in your brain

I am better than an afterthought

I am the first thought

I was told to be in position

in position because to because first is position

my crown does not deter from my reality I got too much in me to not be in first place

there’s too much I have to do to run another woman’s race

I will never compete for the soul of man who can’t even make up his own mind!

I got too much in me to be a side chick

I got too much in me demands to be seen

that demands that you answer the four questions who what when where in the fourth and the fifth question being how

I am the answer

And on my own ,

I have the answer to my own problem

my vision is my rock

Faith my fuel

No woman bound

To her self respect

Whom looks at

Self, soul and body in

The mirror facing

The mothers that look

Back at her would allow me

The daughter of time

Sorrow and effort would

Allow with the self respect

Infused into

Me through their tears

In that power

With that knowing

i walk away in my stilettos

From any service

at any table that

no longer serves me

in the breeze with

my perfume is

the scent of my wisdom

and I refuse to be

disrespected as an option

I come fully equipped

to build or tear down

it is your decision

approach with caution

handle with care cause

I have no qualms about taking

everything that I bring

to the table with me

including the chairs

(c) JBHarris, 2021