30 DAYS OF JAYE: Within

More from the crates! I forgot how much great stuff is in here: from 2004!

What was once ignored

Can no longer be…

The joy that I have found

So richly in you has

Perplexed my spirit and

Possessed my soul.

Thoughts of you appear

As dreamlike visions that

Sustain and haunt…

Forcing the true nature

Of this affection and hunger

To be made manifest.

To lie broken and exposed,

Naked in your presence…

This seducing suffering is

Comforting, reminding me

That I have loved this way

Before, but not since.

Powers beyond my finite

Scope of reasoning, draw

Me to you…as quickly as

I can pull away from them.

This resistance ignites my

Blood and liberates my

Heart…to be yours once more

(Jennifer-Phylon Bush, age 22)

**Written on division 9400 of Barnes-Jewish Hospital,  during the month of April, year of our lord, 2004