30 DAYS OF JAYE: Joker In The Pocket

Note: I am a better card player than I am a chess player. In the game of Spades, unless the Jokers are in the deck (meaning the 2 of Hearts & 2 of Diamonds are out of the deck) there is no way to beat an Ace of Spades without it.

Rule 0: Keep a Joker on you.

When you play,

When you take your place

In the space

Wherever you are,


Breathe deep, back straight.

Sit down because your

Life is on the line.

Trust that there is

on on your side

From who is sits higher.

Know when you sit down,

You have all in you,

do to you, and come through

to send all that doubted you

home with the assbeating

they deserve!

When they underestimate you,

to stumble you,

stop you and, humble you

remember that you must

Keep a Joker in your pocket.

You have to understand–

When life gets hectic, and you can’t keep your head on your shoulders,

When you feel like you can’t know your left on your right,

up or down, and when dark looks better–

and you’re like you got a tap your pocket,

But you must understand and maintain

that what is in you

is greater than you

Is greater than anything else

in the world,

and with time come

When their final book is won

when they think they

have counted you out,

when they think they

have killed you when they have run

all your books out —

when they have cut your partner,

with they have flip the table almost

on you because you were about

to win you have to be able to reach

in your pocket and with the force of incarnated ancestors

slap the joker from your pocket!

Let these cats know that you

take no prisoners—

prisoners, and never have you been a victim!

All you do is win

Because you kept the joker in your pocket?

—you always got something for they asses!

-JBHarris, April 2021