30 DAYS OF JAYE: Wondrous Love Is This

what is this,

this thing that calms my essence

and stirs it to the point of

no return,

oh my soul…

What have I done in any life

to be graced, blessed and transformed

but this, in this, of this

to be made new, yet as I was before

to realize that my eyes were never

truly opened, and that I was not content

I was not living, merely existing in what

surrounded me

now I am awake…awakened by something

so powerful and sweet

lingering caresses and affections

that seduced me effortlessly to make me

as I am…so close to me that I can close

my eyes and have it ingrained in me

restoring and renovating

making my sunshine more evident

in my everyday

for this, am I thankful

(Jennifer-Phylon Bush, age 23) March 26, 2005