30 DAYS OF JAYE: Sonnet of Kakia

I have found my calling

in the advice of men’s thoughts

and make no apology for

such thinking

I am more than I appear, and am much more that you thought I could ever be

I have seduced the masses

and haunt the faithful few

I have not the wisdom of Athena

to advise or protect against

wrong thinking…

The only thing that I may

offer is the wine of my far off

kin Dionysis to soften you

as you fall unto me, onto me

and into me

I welcome the unintended and

relish the unexpected

skin as carameled butter

 supple and soft

as ripened peaches

hair, no not flaxen

but dark as raven’s night

eyes deep, dark  that draw in, hold,

keep and lure

the ambrosia that I hide and provide

in the sweetness of my lips

and betwixt my thighs

is all that you will ever

need, hope, or thrist for

my door is open to the brave

soul that may wish to have

all of himself quickened beneath me

or over me

however, my nectar is

an addictive intoxication,

the pollen that my flower can

provide may cause you to

watch my far kin Eos and Helios

dance upon the sky as night

begats morning

I make no apologizes for this

I will it that I be your desire

that you hunger and ache only be

for me

find me here,

warm, inviting, and open

with morning light as my


amongst the foxgloves,

roses, lilac and orchids

gentle as summer wind

and hungry…

But my hunger is never

sated, let me quell yours

(Jennifer-Phylon Bush, age 23) November 4, 2004