30 DAYS OF JAYE: Restless

What wondrous magick is this

That has interwoven my

Thoughts and vexed my spirit?

Its intent is neither malice nor


Its presence comforts and

Consoles me…it reminds me

That it will never be far from

Me, no matter how I may

Outrun it….it will always cling

To me

It will always pursue and

Call for me, chase me, recapture

Me, and I will drown in it

Once more, contented

As I may try and disavow

The tantalizing desirous knowledge

Of it, the more it seems I am at a

Loss as to how to ignore it

I confront and submerge the

Thoughts as they come,

Unbeknownst to me they

Will resurface in the quiet

Hours, and silent places

Where my mind wonders

To misplaced thoughts…

They step from behind

Subconcious veils and flood my

Mind happily….

I bask in the memories of them

They bring joy to my remembrance

And gladden my heart

These vivid dreams only

Intensify the adoration that

I have…that I hold close….

That holds me

This subtle, sensual compassion

Eludes rationale, and conscious

Understanding, I have forsaken

The right to wonder of its origin and

My only concern is to prepare myself

For the next quickening of thought

(JPB, age 22)-April 25, 2004