This year I did something different! I took a cue from Luvvie Ajayi Jones‘s book Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual and wrote on oriki for myself. This is the type of poetry where you celebrate the person unabashedly. Luvvie has a formula that she gives in her book, but I took a little artistic license. This is a mile stone birthday! So this deserves all the flex.

This is 40.

Jennifer Phylon of Houses Bush, Harris and Phoenix.
First of her name.
Daughter of royals-Richard and Bessie (Elizabeth).

Slayer of words.
Builder of worlds.
Alphabet magician.
Practitioner of Black Girl Magic
With Noir Pixie Dust.

Fire-breathing Mother of Dragons.
Burner of plantations.
Verbal devastator.
Wall scaler and breaker.

Freedom rider.
Visionary of the imaginary.
Purveyor of full pages.

May the crown
She has earned
Sit rightly and
Firmly on her head.

May grace and mercy
Follow her all
The days of her life.

May writer’s block
Be memory, losing neither
Place or pen.
May words flow like
Water; and hope be
The ink in her blood.

May this only be
The beginning of
Legacy, eternity and immortality.

Long may she reign.