“Remember CoCo Chanel”

This flash fiction was supposed to be a VOCAL submission, but I missed the due date. Enjoy. -JBHarris

Is Red Wine Good for the Body?

Camilla sipped her Merlot at the end of the bar, smirking at the YSL lipstick shade on her wine glass. She reached in her bag, pulling out her matching gold compact. Dabbing at the corner of her mouth, she smiled. Camilla sat in her booth, watching the people in Vincenzo’s Bistro move around her.

The wait staff, the bartenders, and the sous chef that kept coming out personally to ask if she enjoyed the lamb meal. “Ms. Linzo-Morgan?” It was him again, Angelo the same sous chef, asked for the third time that night. “I just need to know if you enjoyed the meal.” She had smiled, still gracious a fourth time, smoothing there straightened shoulder-length black hair in the mirror, proud that her eyes, the color of cognac, glowed in the low light.

She knew he was only accommodating to her because if her name on his pay checks now. Camilla sipped her Merlot again, happy that she decided to invest in Hellene of Troy, the small local winery, rather than the staple, Montgomery Wines. Watching Angelo flirt with her niece, Samantha, she grinned, watching her smooth dyed blonde hair against her sepia skin as he told Samantha how stunning she was. Clearly he was noticing how well she was filling out her black Vincenzo’s waitress polo.

Camilla swirled the glass, puckering her lips, pressing them together to extend the life of her lipstick, just like her mother taught her. “Remember CoCo Chanel! A lady must always be ready to meet a dashing stranger or an old enemy.” She continued her sipping, swallowing, feeling her body warm with the power of the alcohol and the grape sweetness coating her tongue. Camilla’s phone alerted, and she reached into her Dhamiere Ebene Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag to retrieve it. Camilla began smilng , seeing the name in the gray box on her iPhone.

C-Go to the cleaners. Pick up the black dress. -Derrick.

She put the phone on the table, reaching for her glass drinking in the remainder of her Merlot. Swallowing hard, she returned the text message in four words.

Airport. Hour. Sending car.

Looking up from her table she searched for Samantha. Seeing her come from the back of house, through the swinging black door. “Pillar!” Camilla snapped twice, and Samantha almost dropped the wine glasses she was in process of putting away. Samantha looked at her aunt, Camilla kept her face smooth, only remembering to blink. The calling of a nickname before snapping twice as a fire alarm in the Linzo family. Camilla’s husband, Samantha’s uncle was dead. They had two hours to leave St. Louis for the albi to work. Two hours for his mistress to find the body.

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