Friends, Romans & Those Of The Growing Tribe


Dearest Ones,

On the eve of NaNoWriMo, I come with cool announcements. At the pressing of the universe, I am setting up a mailing list in December. Why? The time has come dearest ones. It truly has.

December 2019 is the foretaste of all things [officially] JBHarris in 2020 going forward. So, here is what you can expect:


1.) More Writing.  This is is gimmie. The clip that I am on, I need the space. If you follow the email list, you will be abreast of all updates, new work and release information.


2.) Collaboration Info. As you all know I do not write in a vacuum. There are other writers I work with, and want to work with me. So, since you love me like you do, the best thing I could do is to let you see behind the scenes stuff! It’s already lit.


3.) Professional Stuff.  There are things that I am working on now that I can’t go into now, but I will next year. I will be freelancing and creating, of course. But there are other professional opportunities that are coming, being given, and that are being thrust upon me. Being apart of the mailing list will keep you abreast of everything.


I know that you’re thinking about what I’m going to name this Email list, and what I’ll call this emerging tribe of you beautiful people that follow me. Well, since I am a fan of Cersei Lannister, the Mother of Dragons. And the blog is I Breathe Fire., I’m toying with two of them:

Option 1:   Email list:  The Desk of JBHarris


Option 2:   Email List:  The Pen of JBHarris


Followers:  Raconteurs. Google it.  That or Dragons. Not sure yet. But watch this space, dearest ones. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

SABEM-The Playlist



At what seems like long last, I have compiled the list for the SABEM playlist!

See what I came up with below-

 Follow your girl on a streaming platform

-Apple Music: HisGirlFriday38

-Spotify: ShesAGirlFriday

HisGirlFriday is a play on the movie with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. The name: His Girl Friday.

My maternal aunt used to call me a “Girl Friday”, and I thought it was much cooler than being called a secretary.

Enjoy dearest ones!

I so love new music recommendations.





Rebranding RUBY



I know that I have been MIA about this book, but this is because there is rebranding going on. There are edits that have to be done, and now the prequel is being written form NaNoWriMo!

So there is a lot of work to be done to get the book like I want it to be!

So, the re-release for RUBY will be January, February 2020. For this copy, a sip of the prequel will be included in it also!

Plus, the soundtrack that helped this book come to life.

Bare with me! there is much, much, more to the story!

The book is still available on Amazon and Kindle! Never fear! Support Black artists and get a copy!


See y’all in 2020.

Words To Music Are Always Lyrics



I have always been a fan of music, all kinds of music. And for this semester–if you have noticed–I’ve woven in lyrics and hip-hop lyrics into this series. So, in typical Jenn Harris fashion–I decided to create a playlist for this last semester of undergrad studies.

Look for that at Week 10.

It will be available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Title of the Playlist:

SABEM–How I Made It Over


From Nas to Duke Ellington, to Stevie Wonder. From G-Eazy to MTS and Hozier. Music helped me get through papers, study and even press my way through to get through these last weeks.



This is my graduation gift to you all.


Love you!



















Updates: Where Is Janelle?


I know, I know.

Janelle and I owe y’all so much, and thank you for rocking this far. The site has been slow going, but! There light is coming.

More Janelle is coming.

At long last, starting October 1, 2019, you lovely people will see and read all that Janelle has for you. With school, motherhood, and life at a breakneck pace, by then new work will be there, and Janelle’s work will be there.


So, what will this mean?

This means all Janelle’s work will have its own site:


This includes erotica, poems, snippets and even a few essays and stream of thought pieces. And yes, this means more Daddy and Kitten stories.

And a little birdie told me there will be a book, On Daddy’s Lap, to be released February 2020.

Visit Janelle by clicking here.


I Have Surrendered To The Air To Ride It.

Image result for toni morrison freedom quote


I was about 15 when I discovered Toni Morrison.

In my fury of reading ‘dark’ literature, romance and horror, I found her. There was a girl in my Spanish I class that had a copy of The Bluest Eye. I read the back of it, and was enthralled. However, how our high school was set up, I never got the chance to take the class this classmate did.

In my house, there were more books than television sets. At any of my maternal aunts’ houses I visited for that matter, there were books. Harlequin. Avon books. Encyclopedias. Langston Hughes. Toni Morrison. The first book I saw of hers was at my Aunt Stella’s house:  Sula. 

I finally read The Bluest Eye in my early twenties. I read her next to last book, Home, before I got a chance to read God Bless The Child. I had a habit of lending out my books, and sadly, due to this generosity, I lost a swath of my books. Most of them, by Toni Morrison. Thank God for Amazon, and Amazon Prime’s ability to replenish a library!

I found a home in Toni Morrison, I believe, due to her age and her physical resemblance to my maternal grandmother. I knew that Mother Morrison was getting older, and I knew she would pass away, but this loss? Her loss? It feels as if the world has gotten all the more dimmer. There is more of a chill to my day. There feels like there is all the more, that much more, lack in the world.

The one thing that I have to remember is writing, being a writer, carries its own immortality! Right now, I can go to a library, a book store, or the retail monster known as Amazon and find her!  I can find her imagination present in fictitious people or  in essays of power and substance. She may be lost, but she is not lost to time! In this, for this reason, am I comforted.

The question is now, how shall we proceed? We have long held up the artists of our parents’ and even grandparents’ generation. We have lauded over them, and protected their memories, with no thought of who will come after them! I understand (and it goes without saying) no one can be Toni Morrison. But what I can say is there are a generation of writers she inspired. Another generation of writers both/all Black, female, woman whom are grateful to her. Whom are steadied by the volume of her work, and whom now, I hope, shall be brave enough to put pen to paper. This is what I want…I want the work of writing to continue! From the accomplished novelists and essayist, to the young girl starting her first journal.

I want the work of writing to continue. This is how best to honor this giant of a woman is to have her spark, remind, invoke, provoke the writers whom will add to the canon of this glorious genre of Black literature.

As her body as surrendered, doing all it was purposed, let us be reminded of her quote in Song Of Solomon:

“If you surrender to the air, you can ride it.”


Ride the air, dearest ones. Ride the air.












New Project-June 2020

“I write for young girls of color, for girls who don’t even exist yet, so that there is something there for them when they arrive. I can only change how they live, not how they think.” -Ntozake Shange (1948-2018)


This book, is a heart work. I believe I am in the position, emotional space and grace to compile this book. The quote given here by she whose name translates ‘she who walks with lions‘ is the inspiration behind this book.
I am of the age and background where I heard this phrase a lot. Too much, if I am honest. For how I look, dress, speak or negotiate the world. Something about me being Black, female, and this place of other, this phase was used to describe me.

“You’re pretty for a Black girl.”

“You’re smart for a Black girl.”

“For a Black girl, you carry yourself well.”

“For a Black girl, you don’t talk like we do.”

And on. And on. And et cetera. So with this book, I wish to leave something for the Black girls that feel as if they have no place in the world; don’t know where to look for one; or even wish, plan, hope to leave it.

This book will be a collection of essays written by Black women and girls, by Black women and girls. They will range from joys and triumph to grief and loss. Even things that are hilarious and fall somewhere in between. Essay must be a minimum two pages. Proper credit for all work will be given. If your essay is selected, you will be notified. If you work is not selected, your work will not be included with that entry being sent back to you.

If you desire to submit an essay, please email me at

The release date is my birthday:  June 24, 2020.