Trigger warning: Ashy men, Homophobic men, Pick-Me’s, Enabling women, DFFs (DFF: Defenders of Fuckery and Foolishness).

Boosie Badazz Addresses His Issues With Webbie in Lengthy Post ...
I have never been able to take this dude seriously. Less so now.

First things, first: #MeToo.

With that out the way, let me say this: SHUT UP, BOOSIE! And I mean shut the ENTIRE FUCK UP!

Third, now begins where I get to channel all that raw, rolling Jean Grey Summers energy I have been holding on to for the last two days and aim it at Torrence Hatch, Jr.

I want to know who keeps asking this dude poignant questions about things which pertain to life and Blackness like a dude named Boosie has any idea on how to fix anything concerning us as a people?! I just need to know why people keep asking Captain Ashy Iaintshit questions!

Perhaps this is fault of my age and the tendency I have to ignore people whom I see and deem problematic. Boosie, Torrence, Boosie Badazz is problematic. I truly stopped engaging with this traphouse scholar when he made the snide comments about Zaya Wade (again, remember, I do not deadname over here!). I was done with him when he was talking so crazy about how Dwayne Wade should be handling this situation with his daughter.

The thing about the discourse (and I use that word loosely) between him and Dwayne was how devoid it was of empathy and common sense–until Torrence’s mama got on him. Funny how Ashy dudes are constantly corrected or can only be corrected by their mothers? Don’t even get me started on this! I digress. Let us continue, shall we?

I work nights. This is not a new thing. And I prefer nights, actually. Since having children, my body clock has not really recovered. So, rather than fight it–I go with it. Imagine my frazzled nerves when I woke up Thursday afternoon to find out this man–this father of 8!—is on Beyonce’s internet talking about how he pulled out all the stops to make sure his sons didn’t turn out gay.


This ninja is out here paying women to rape and molest (these young men are 12 and 14!) to perform sex acts on his son and his nephew–and he lets them watch porn! Make this make sense! This cannot be agreed with. This cannot be reasoned with. If you subscribe to How To Raise A Black Male Child by Torrence Hatch, Jr–never speak to me again. Also, please have an ice cold glass of Clorox.

If you are a woman who has the pre-requiste of completing of the intro course to I Am A Pick-Me in order to have the background to register How To Raise A Black Male Child by Traphouse Professor Hatch, you are the worst kind of Pick-Me!

If you believe being gay is the worst fate which can befall a Black male child, I need you to never have children. I need you to never help raise your nieces, nephews and you need to just move to the Saturn. Why? That is the only place you can do with this bullshit! He is wrong! No young man–especially Black!–needs to see porn as their only source of sexual education. They do not need to see their value of self so narrow it can only be identified or confirmed by their sexual prowess?


And the fact this cat saw nothing wrong with this? The fact so many people agreed with him? The fact that so many people are being silent now in the face of it–is chilling. But not surprising. This culture of “what happens here stays here” is what most Black folk have grown up with. This attitude which both preserves and protects toxic patriarchy because all those need to consolidate whatever power can be gleaned from patriarchy.

Men and their needs, along with the need correlate purpose with sexual prowess, will always be tenants of toxic patriarchy. This mentality demeans young Black men! It robs them of their innocence as well! If Boosie was doing this type of shenanigans to his daughters, folk would have rolled him up and set his house on fire! Why is that seen more as rape than what Boosie has done?

My mind cannot cope, and is still reeling from this.

Hoteps, if this is your king–please come get his ass.

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Pay Chadwick Boseman. Period.

Tony Stark could never.

I was doing all in my power to leave this one alone. I was. I truly was. The world is burning faster than my hands can keep up with! Yet, there is something about this situation which has lit a fuse in me. Not that such fuses are foreign to me–but it’s the sheer fact that it is happening–and I am witnessing this.

As a fan of comics, I went to go see Black Panther opening night. I saw it 4 times. I critiqued it. I wrote about it. And I still believe the White Savior narrative flies in the face of the contributions of Princess Shuri. But the thing which has bothered me about this current situation is what I heard Taraji P. Henson talk about in her book Around The Way Girl.

Hollywood does not like to pay Black actors.

Chadwick Aaron Boseman is the only person I can see ever portraying this current permutation of King T’Challa. This Black man lead and Black ensemble cast in thee Blackest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. This movie made over a billion dollars, and was directed by the stunningly talented Mr. Ryan Coogler. In hearing the may be replaced, our King T’Challa–who gave Cap his shield and came back from The Snap!–Marvel wants to replace him? Why is this?


Effing Money.

Bruce Wayne could never, you hear me?!

I suppose this is one of the reasons Tobey Maguire didn’t do another Spider-Man movie. Yet! He is still counted as one of the actors who portrayed the beloved Peter Parker on screen! I don’t want Chadwick replaced! I don’t want Marvel to be this stupid! As much money as this movie made ($1.344 billion dollars, by the way!), are you seriously considered not paying Chadwick Boseman! What part of the game is this!  is a form of erasure! You can’t just TAKE T’Challa–and then have someone lined up!

Just how all these super fans were all in a raucous over MJ being BLACK, I am in an uproar because Marvel is considering not paying a major character whom happens to be BLACK! I have a feling if Stan Lee where here this wouldn’t be happening. Where is the petition for this one?!

I’ll wait–because Imma sign it first!

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I Got Time: White Woman Tears Won’t Help Stephanie Freeman

Author Note: I will not be attaching the video referenced on Tik Tok. This girl and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Hume, are not young children. This is a whole tragedy. And this little girl knew exactly what she was doing and saying. This is NSFW. This is full throttle, no safety. I’m tired of these blonde, broken damsels in distress. When White women like this say “I made a mistake” translate that to mean “I got caught and I don’t want anyone to notice.” -JBHarris

Native son: an interview with James Baldwin - archive, 22 November ...
“You’re the n*gger baby, not me.” -James Arthur Baldwin

Stephanie Freeman is the fruit of a poisonous tree.

I wasn’t even going to address this issue. I am tired. I am tired of screaming at white folk to see me, hear me, and not kill me or the people I love. I am tired! In doing my own inner work, in remembering the wisdom of Dr. Brittney Cooper, it is my responsibility as a writer to weigh in on all I see. In my studying of James Baldwin, my anchor quote from him is, “The goal of the artist is to disturb the peace.” Being equipped with linguistic acrobatics engineered with these 26 letters, I couldn’t keep silent.

It was a choice to not attach the video, aside from this screen grab located later in this piece. Why? It is not worth it. Stephanie Freeman is a privileged, spoiled White girl whom got caught up with Jeffrey Hume blaming him for what she did–with him! She held that camera inside the phone she didn’t buy, filmed this video with her boyfriend and was unbothered doing so!

Completely unbothered.

Stephanie Freeman is the girl that would lie on the Black dude she let buss it wide open and frame him for rape! You can’t tell me no different! This is the same type of White woman who will praise God, vote for Orange Thanos, and call me a ‘n*gger’ on social media then swear up, down and diagonal she isn’t racist.

But she is. But, she is!

And to see that she apolgized through Instragram and Twitter–after being indignant about being caught up in this bullshit?

Exhibit A-

Racist TikTok Gets HS Senior Expelled, Reacts With "White Power" Post
And she can’t spell? Noted.

Exhibit B:

Georgia High School Seniors Expelled After Posting Overtly Racist ...
Don’t call Jesus now! He Black too!

But she said this first:

Bishop Talbert Swan on Twitter: "Meet Stephanie Freeman ...
But I how do you get expelled during your Senior year of high school while on quarantine…guess what that makes you?

It would be easy to drag this little girl, whom is no longer little. What she did was take a match to her future, and I have a dark joy about it. Her tears mean nothing! She doesn’t mean this apology–on any hand of it! What she hates is the video was shared, and she was caught up in it. If you have seen the video, she hides her face behind the phone. Like all racists whom do this type of trite, tired bullshit! She wants the freedom to do what she wants–while yet being free of any consequences.

Sounds like privilege to me.

Watch: Racist TikTok Video Made by Couple in Carrollton, Georgia
It ain’t funny now, is it, ‘Steph’?

This video was done with malice, ignorance and planning. It was the planning of the video that gave evidence racism is taught. It is a learned behavior, and this dingy broad and the dusty dude she gives lazy fellatio to are racist.

Pause: Shouts to the Carrollton High School student whom saw this, shared it, and blew the roof off this girl’s life!

This needs to happen more often: racism needs to be expensive. Racists need to be exposed. The days should be gone where you can rest on the laurels of anonymity to be racist, while enjoying the treasure of social media. The killer part: she really thought no one would really say anything to her.

Cognitive dissonance. Where do I begin?

This is why my children are not allowed to close their doors. This is why I check phones. This is why I teach them how they treat other people! This girl’s parents are either uninvolved in her life, haven’t taught her shit, or are racist too–seeing nothing wrong with this behavior. Either option is problematic, and I do not feel bad for her! Why should I feel bad for her?

My job is not to be the high-holy forgiving Mammie for this child to climb in my lap, latching on my sugartit to be absolved from the weight of the world!

She needs to feel each and every last piece of this for as long as possible! It needs to follow her through college interviews, job interviews and apartment rental applications! Stephanie ‘I Value The Blacks’ Freeman does not deserve my forgiveness. I am not a Mammie, and I am not a good enough Negro to help her wade through these waters.

I am glad her acceptance to her dream school was rescinded. I am glad that her father didn’t have enough money to fix this. I am glad the world sees her as a spoiled, coddled child–caught with her hand in the cookie jar and lying about it when we all saw what we saw!

Stephanie Freeman is the fruit of a poisonous tree. But because there is blood at the leaves and blood at the roots, the nation hopes that planting other trees and foliage around it would make it all better. Too bad it doesn’t and only makes that evil tree’s roots deeper, harder to spot and making it harder to find to uproot! But it must be uprooted anyway–I am tired of telling my children the difference between such trees when the whole orchard all looks the same. All I can remind them is to look at the fruit–racism, and hatred, no matter how pretty or enticing, will always be bitter.

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Notes On The ‘Flu Klux Klan’

All opinions are my own and based on science as well as experience as a health care worker. If people don’t listen, this is about to be bad. No, it’s already bad! It’ll be worse…-JBHarris.

And there you have it…

I admit it. When I first heard the phrase Flu Klux Klan, I screamed laughing. I was laughing right behind my N-95 rebreather mask. You know, the masks Orange Thanos believes US healthcare workers don’t need?

This situation is asinine.

I am convinced that America is the craziest place to live when shit is not actively on fire—but it is a dystopian novel when there is something actively on fire.

Octavia E. Butler tried to tell us! Did we listen?! Nooooo.

Only in the greatest nation in the world do people actively protest again their own self-interests, personal safety and health concerns. These folk are misinterpreting Bible verses, American history, and issues pertaining to women’s health and personhood.

If I wasn’t alive to see this, I would swear it was a book. It would have to be a book! We have an evil leader with sycophant supporters, a rebel base and are in the middle of multiple social crises! If we were burning books this would be Fahrenheit 451!

And legit? I’m scares something Orwellian like this will happen next!

There is always room in graves and morgues.

But you know what? They are absolutely right! They have the right to feel how they want—even if that means endangering their own lives.

Their own lives.

Now, since these folk clearly have the brainwashing buckets on their heads the aquatic life in the Spongebob Squarepants move did, let me offer this.

If they do test positive for COVID-19, send them home. That’s right! Send them home. They should not have access to healthcare for a virus they said does not exist! These people are carrying assault weapons into government buildings while Black folk are being put out of Wal-Mart for wearing masks. Make this make sense!

You want to know why they don’t want to be in the house? The government told them they weren’t special! This is White supremacy having a tantrum. No more, no less. How does one make sense of insanity? Hint: you don’t. This folk are used to the government policing the behavior of other (read: Black, Brown, other people of color or Indigenous People) not them (read: White people). The government is supposed to let them do what they want, and oppress other people! This isn’t about health or “give me liberty or give me COVID-19.”

Side note: That is the stupidest effing sign one could make.

This is about whether or not people can trust their government and believe what they say! If there was ever a time to trust the government—or God forbid, pay attention, it’s now!

You have the right to die, yes! But you do not have the right to kill the rest of us because you don’t want to listen and you voted for Blackbeard the Pirate! GOH! As for me and mine, we will believe God and Dr. Fauci. And watch the world burn from inside the house. Go outside if you want to! Be around a whole lot of folk if you want to! The Death Industry is recession proof. And open graves are just the wide screams of the disbelieving.

Wash your hands. Avoid large groups of people. Wear masks. Don’t let the Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius win. He ain’t won’t come to your funeral or even notice you’re dead. He looks at the sun because he can’t believe anything is lighter or whiter than him.

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The Wisdom Of A Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez says she was called a diva because she's Latina and ...
If you are looking for a drag, this will not be one. I’m not sorry. -JBHarris

I have like Jennifer Lopez since she was a Flyy Girl on In Living Color. I thought she was pretty, and driven and with a name like Jennifer—she had to be AH-MAZING! But the one thing that I have always like about this woman is her hustle. Like, there is a steel in her I have always liked: I love to see ambitious women get stuff DONE. That is a highlight of my day and world!

The only thing which differentiates me from ‘Jenny from The Block‘, is that my romantic breakups are not part of pop culture. So, when she turned 50 and I found out she was dating my high school crush–Alex Rodriguez? Girl! I hated her for like a month! But, that’s jealousy for you. Then the jokes started about how this would be her fourth marriage, how Alex would be dumb for marrying her, and now she a whole Thanos because she has 5 rings.

Pause: These are from the same dusty broads trying to be chose, or the dudes with all these baby mamas, a team a silly broads he blow through and never will marry one. But moving on…

there was a Goal Coast video she did which moved me to tears. In this video, she spoke about how she thought she ‘failed her children.’ She talked about her divorce from fer third husband, Marc Antony–whom her twins are by. She talked about how she tried to make it work with him, to the point she had nothing else to give. Jennifer Lopez–Jenny From The Block, the same girl that was Selena (damn near a mirror for her!)–had to admit that whatever it took to be with this particular man, she didn’t have!

That is freeing–especially in the age where everyone wants to belong to someone, wants to be everybody’s bae, and wanting to know the “Ciara Prayer”–she admitted that she couldn;t keep this part of her life together.


AllI could do what lift my hands. Why? I understood. I get it. I absolutely get it. For all wanted from her relationships, Jennifer said that she had to work on HER. She had to admit there was something in her that wanted to be with someone. That felt validated by a man. And I got that. I understood that! As an ambitious woman, it is a blessing to have someone in your corner, happy for you, and ready to support you in any way! That is rare. When she admitted that she had that with Alex? I rejoiced with her! I was happy for her! Why? It is time for women to be happy.

It is time for women to be happy.

It is time that we not be so caught up in being ‘with’ someone that we don’t have time or the desire to check in with yourself. That was a whole word for me! It was the reassurance of two things:

1-You have the right to be happy.

2-You do not have to die so other people can live.

When Goal Coast made this video, with that level of transparency? I was happy. And I became happy for her! I was happy that she is in a place where she is with someone she loves, and whom loves her–whom only wants her to win!

I am here for all of this! Here for it!

Sometimes it takes us having to look at life through the lens of experience, which allows us to grow up. It allows us to forgive ourselves and go for what we want. This eliminates this need to be thirsty, dear ones. When we are no longer thirsty for other people, we then can be full of ourselves. Which is never a bad thing. If anything, remember no one can complete you, only compliment. I’m glad Jennifer has a compliment now.

She deserves it.

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Blackness Versus COVID-19

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Stay home if you can. -JBHarris

Kip Diggs, a Nashville marketing consultant, takes a selfie in a homemade mask. He purposefully chose pastel colors that would not be perceived as threatening when he went grocery shopping with his wife over the weekend.
This young man is from Nashville, and his a marketing consultant. While shopping with his WIFE at Wal-Mart, he was put out. See the article here [photo courtesy of the Washington Post and the article’s subject].

The Orange Idiot is ignoring the problem of the shortages of masks, ventilators and gloves. He has stopped federal funding for testing of COVID-19 as of Friday, April 10–Good Friday of all days. The reports this week have said Black folk have being dying (read that again: dying) at disproportionate rate than any other group. With the shortage of masks, the CDC is recommending people go out with masks or something on your face.

Yeah, fam. About that.

I’m a Black woman in America. Criminality is too linked to Blackness for me not have an appropriate face covering. I am actually purchasing masks for my family through a seamstress friend of mine. I am a health care professional, so I need one. Badly.

With that said, this week, I read of two instances of young Black men being put out of Wal-Mart. One in Wood River, IL. One in Nashville, TN. In the second case written by The Washington Post, he had a bandannas on his face. In Wood River, they were only wearing the appropriate medical mask. Why did the young man have a bandanna on his face? Why did fam in Wood River have a mask on? They wore something on their faces to protect them from getting sick.

Video shows black men being escorted out of Walmart for wearing masks
Fam in Wood River were put out of Wal-Mart for just being Black and in masks. During a pandemic. Followed by an officer outside the store, inside the store, and then told to leave. What part of the game is this?

The rage I have towards this situation is beyond words. In the time where everybody is scared, everybody is panicking, and everyone else seems to be out for their four and no more–Black folk still need to possess the same hyper vigilance that got us through escaping slavery! So now, if I just run outside–in a pandemic mind you!–with my hair wrapped up and a bandanna on I might be put outta Wal-Mart?! Or somewhere else? For trying to take care of my family like anybody else? But it is with this same energy that 53% of White women voted for this man. That same energy of ‘just believe the White man will fix it’ that made some Black men vote for him. It’s this same energy that had the Evangelical church get behind him–even now.

There is a crazy surrounding this pandemic that you can only find in dystopian novels. There is a level of ignorance being pushed as gospel which makes me rely more on my faith than I ever have before. Where I find myself remembering my duty to provide care in my day job, as well as protect everyone I love once I leave work. In that love, it equips. It allows me to see the hidden things and remind people what is actually happening! The fact there is a mask shortage, in a pandemic, and the President if lying about it, let’s me remind those who think this is a hoax–it isn’t.

For every few people whom are recovering, there are still people dying. There are still so many Black folk dying in major cities–one of them is Chicago! Hours from the city of Wood River!

Find masks, fam.

Don’t let this pandemic become an excuse to become a hashtag. People are prone to stupid behavior in crazy situations! I need you all to understand the wisdom W.E.B. DuBois still rings–we still have ‘dual consciousness.’ There are things we as a people ‘just can’t do’ because of the ramifications which will come after! It’s not about respectability politics, right now. This is about being aware of who you are, where you are, and how to maneuver in the space we are all now in together. It’s going to take more than hand-washing, soap and bleach wipes to help this.

I Survived ‘The Tiger King’…Barely.

The best 'Tiger King' memes are almost as good as the Netflix show

It took me two days, a box of graham crackers, quarter of a gallon of milk, bag of Red Hot Riplets (its a St. Louis thing, judge if you want to!) to get through. But I made it! And LORD!

Where do I start?!

It is rare that a writer have nothing to say, but this? This right here? Netflix know they wrong as 2 left Jordans to release this during a worldwide crisis! I mean–even if I gave you spoilers, you still could not wrap your mind around the redneck ratchetness to be seen!

The fact that I didn’t know you could own a tiger in this country–I mean, can we just start there! I didn’t know it was a whole ring that Joe Exotic (please don’t ask me to spell his legal last name!) knew about and was a plug to where all the cubs and adult big cats go! I mean! From the felony drug dealer with the zoo you need God-access to see his house; a woman whom I am 87% sure killed her husband who runs Big Cat Rescue; a dude that has a harem and his big cats, I was completely bewildered.

Completely bewildered! And this takes place in Oklahoma? I mean they out there on all this land, shooting arsenals and storing them! Blowing shit up! I mean, my ex-husband’s family is from southern Illinois, but I had never seen anything like this! Like Joe Exotic shot up a bed and a Rolex just so it wouldn’t get lost in a judgement against Carole of Big Cat Rescue! All the while threatening this woman on his internet show!

But the thing that struck me the most was Joe Exotic’s husbands. Yes, his husbands. Maaaan. Look. When I saw Travis Maldanado–that 6’4″ California boy built like a surfer? All I could do is grin. And as quick as I grinned, I needed more graham crackers! Joe turned Travis out! Not only did he turn him out, he had another husband in addition to Travis! I told my husband this exact quote:

“John down there fuckin for trucks!”

That is not a homophobic statement–you must see the documentary to understand what I meant. There is something insidious about that man’s relationship with these men. I just knew it! Why? NEITHER ONE OF THESE MEN WHERE GAY! They admitted they weren’t! So, what else could they be doing with this old queen except being paid and kept! He married them in pink shirts and a black Stetson hat!


Joe ran this zoo that had ratchet people, Wal-Mart food, honey and lube in the gift shop with a man name Rick filming all of it! And now, as of this posting, the woman that owns the Big Cat Rescue–the people are looking in to her again for the murder of her husband, Don.

Don’t even get me started on Don’s ‘executive assistant’ who had originals of all his important papers, but made no copies! And when the alarm went off in her office they were are gone! Look, here…this is experience, not just a show. I don’t know, Jesus. I just don’t know. Even remembering this, I want to lay down.

With all the COVID-19, Corona Virus talk, I needed my mind turned off. But, this—on top of tiger tranquilizers? I quit.

I need to read an entire library after this…

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