Bonus: Dark Set-Possession

I am the Bound Queen.

The favored, cherished, desired

Possession of King and Owner.

I know no love but his.

Seek no touch but his.

Have no love but his.

I give no space save to him.

This him whom has

Taken all that I am

Making all love foreign while

Deepening his own.

Skin changing to

A deep blush at

His hands command

To remind all parts

Deepened and made whole

By his impaling weep

Openly when his touch

Is taken.

My breath tied to his heartbeat.

Indeed my beloved is mine

And feeds among the lilies

Grown lush and fresh

Betwixt my thighs.

I am his.

Thirsty for his filling.

Shudder at his power over me.

I am the Bound Queen.

The favored, cherished, desired

Possession of King and Owner.

Ever, and of my will, shall I be his.

(c) Janelle Fallon, 4. 2019.

Love & Possession (Week 4)-Always More



I had never wanted to be held.

I needed something deeper than that.

I found that in him.


I wanted touches

deep enough to answer aches

and quiet howls born of

lost and lust.


I wanted a fire.

I needed heat.

I needed what I

should not be forced

to say.


How does one state

that what they have been

given does not reach?


How can it be explained

that I thirst for waters

few have the inner valor

to find or divine?


Yet, they are there. I have seen and tasted.


In these waters,

along these shores

no place in these oceans

is shallow.


From the depths of

this oceans,

with eyes dark and stormy

as hurricane skies,

he has taken my hand.


And allowed me to swim.



(c) Janelle Fallon, 4.2019


More Than Words Can Say

He said I’m perfect

On my knees,

Quiet and stormy.

When he asks me

How much I love him.

“More than words can ever say…”

With a stroking of my cheek,

the grace of

All masters of kittens,

He grabs my hair and

My eyes close.

My body becomes

A lit match, smoldering

that he touched me


“Show me.”

I grin, and open my mouth.

The sweetest yes I know.

(c) Janelle Fallon, 4.2019

Love & Possession: The Dark Set (Week 3)-Hauntings


He called to me

in whispers so low

that only God could hear.

This low, incessant growl

and at the thought of him

and the divine together

of he and I

my body opens and hums.

The sounds low and deep

resounding and full,

as any harp plucked

delicate and sweet–

skills known only

to masters of instruments.


At the opening of my eyes,

only to shut them again.

I realize that I am not

of my own.



(c) Janelle Fallon, 4.2019

Mermaid Tears (Week 2)


There is no part of me that does not thirst for you.

That does not thrill at the thought that you and I

Will be near once more.

Skin touch and and sweat

fueling the potent nature

With the sounds of our

incessant together.

You are my oasis.

You are my river.

You are my ocean.

I swim in these depths

at and for your pleasure.

I hold my breath until I may drink again.

(c) Janelle Fallon, 4. 2019


Let me show you how to light a match.

Let me show you what happens

When caramel harness the heat

Generated by a good pair of heels what

Good, bad can be.

Let me show you exactly what your

Imagination is too afraid to utter

In ladylike company.

I assure you, I am more woman that I

ever was lady.

I was told it is never nice for a lady to

Smoke, but her I am doing so,

Aside from outside fire.

As the Almighty could have

Only whispered and light appeared,

At my desire, and stare,

Will all you have, down to the inch

Be mine.

And you’ll call me the Almighty.

(c) Janelle Fallon, 4.9.2019