How y’all doing?

I’m Jennifer Bush-Harris!

Welcome to my virtual playhouse! Here you will find anything from short short stories, poems, essays and other things that are on my mind. What you will also find here are snippets. Snippets are chapter stories which may lead to novels.

I am a writer, a poet and essayist. I am at the helm of the blog The Ideal Firestarter since 2016. I invite you to go and follow, seeing what Black Girl Magic conjures! The Ideal Firestarter is a blog that doesn’t have a particular niche, but themes that are written about every month. Tell a friend and subscribe!

I am an independent author as well! As of September, I have written my tenth book! All my work is on Amazon! Feel free tour and click on what you like. I welcome comments, and there is a discussion board of select works as well!

There are things that are on my mind that don’t always find space or light on the blog, so in typical writer fashion, I’m making space! This space will allow you inside access to themes on the blog, new project information and discounts on merchandise!

For another bonus, you will have access to new book releases!

Thank you!