To Stacey Yvonne Abrams: We Thank You.

Democracy as we know it owes a debt of gratitude to Black women. At this point, that debt can’t even be repaid in a lifetime. As I sit this morning, basking in the hard work that Black women have done; Native/Indigenous women have done; allies and accomplices have done; 45 percent of White women did, and all those Republicans that pushed back a tide of absolute evil–one name sticks out to me: Stacey Yvonne Abrams.

It is through her hard work, her grit, her faith and organizing that flipped the state of Georgia BLUE–TWICE! Without her help, endurance and tactical brilliance there would be no Senator Warnock or Senator Ossoff.

Black women are WONDER WOMEN. This election proved the Nikkii Giovanni quote about the necessity and power of Black women:

Nikki Giovanni Quote: “I am a huge fan of the Black woman. I never hesitate  to recommend her when times are bad or things go wrong.” (7 wallpapers) -  Quotefancy

Sometimes as a visionary, you get discouraged when you cannot fulfill the plan you set out to complete. Stacey Abrams had an election stolen from her, and used that pain to push forward! In that pushing forward, look what she did! Look at the press, and what came from it!

The world owes Stacey Abrams. The world needs to realize what it means to have society aligned against you; fighting for the most minuscule advancement! Fighting to participate in a democracy we are promised access to! With her using all her talents and abilities, affected this level of change. Within all this joy, I am reminded of the Zora Neale Hurston quote about Black women being the mules of the world. As I celebrate, ask I bask–I cry.

With all this harnessed power, it feels unfair!

It is always left to Black women to fix, clean up, mend, tend and rescue! We see what happens when we don’t: LIFE DERAILS! That derailing isn’t just for us, it’s for everyone! We have been graced with unique blend of passion and vision. For that reason, we fight. We equip. We organize. We teach. We reach. We push.

We fight—because we cannot afford to die.

The world needs the heat and fire of Black women, and will never admit it. It will be whispered about, celebrated with nods and lunches with girlfriends and hugs that are too tight or too long–to push strength back into her. I want to push strength back into her. I want to cover her in a sheet and let her just pass out! I want to cry with her and tell her she can breathe. I want to tell her this:


I see you. We see you. We are proud of you! If you do nothing else, you have done enough. You have done enough. Rest, sis. Rest.”

Thank you, Stacey. I hope you sleep so good tonight.

The Stake Of Micah 6:8

Micah 6:8 (NIV): He has shown you, O mortal what is good . And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

I make no apology for being a follower of Christ. It is my faith that has sustained me, my family and sanity since I came to faith at 8 and formally at 16. Since then, all I have ever wanted was to make God proud, and help people. With that small prayer, I have dedicated my energy to activism, helping people and being a support–much as I saw and see the followers of the Savior do.

Then came the Election of 2016…and I held my breath.

Then came the Election of 2020…and exhaled. Four days later.

What I have seen in these four years is nothing but racism, deflection, and the worship of a man as a god by the vox populi of the greater part of the country because they are still mad they no longer have the right own people! What I have seen is how the Evangelical Right prostituting the Gospel of Christ–which is so precious to so many people!–for the sake of power!

I, for one, will never forget how people in the faith that I respected and listened to, were in this room praying for a man whom would mock the faith which so many have died to proclaim! I will never forget hearing Dr. David Jeremiah (whom I have never been able to listen to since), Bishop Clarence McClendon, and Jetezen Franklin praying for a man whom was proven not to know God! Who can such a thing be?! And to see Paula White–whom is the spiritual daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes (just like Dr. Juanita Bynum is) praying for him–as well as becoming his ‘spiritual advisor.’

My heart is grieved. Completely grieved. And here is why.

For the sake of power, the Gospel by which I have revered, treasured and the God I treasure, I have seen trashed! I have seen those whom are considered elect and wise, praise a man whom is a racist! I have seen people pray for a man that has tear gassed protestors for a photo op! I cannot understand how this has happened in a nation which claims to be built on Christ.

Yet, in looking at this image I found on my professional IG (@authorjbharris), I was angry. The last four year cannot be erased! It cannot be pushed aside, or even easily forgiven. There is a such a pain that has been shown in this nation, and there is no amount of “I’m sorry” could fix this.

It is not ‘just a vote’. These people applied GOD to lie! To defend a liar! To justify their own racism, compliancy, privilege and to disparage people whom do not believe as they do! This cannot be overstated!

Forgiveness is a far off. I wish these MAGA cultists would understand what they have done, and what cannot be undone. Your sorrow is hallow. Your tantrum is evident. You cannot simply roll up a flag, take off a hat, and think that those vain actions will fix it! The work of reconciling will be work…real work!

And do not ask Black women to be on the forefront of it. We just flipped a ruby red state, voted in droves, and are about to help deliver the country from destruction–again!–after a lunatic tried to destroy it!

The Mammies are done, there are none left. There are none to come to rescue White America from their tears this time.