#BlackBlogMatter Challenge-Week 13 (2021)


As a writer, as a minority writer, as a minority writer with a platform, I am a minority writer, who takes great happiness in finding other minority voices, I cannot stress how important this is…how needed!

I have been a freelance writer for 7 years, and a blogger for 5 of those years. One of the most powerful things that I do in running platforms is two-fold: I am creating content and looking for those who want to create! Part of my job as an administrator is to create a place for my own voice. As a writer who is Black and woman, and a Black woman writer, I have to make space! If I do not value my own voice, if I do not mine the strength to make my voice priority–I will not be able to give that strength to anyone else!

In making a platform through my talent and voice, I must be aware that puts me at an unique advantage! I must be able to recognize who can benefit from exposure, from mentorship, and the kindness writers extend to other writers!

I would be lying to you if I said writing was easy. It isn’t. It’s not. That difficulty is amplified when you race is added in the mix! The writing community is so vast, it is so confusing at points, that if you do not have a community to support you…you will quit. What I do to help writers to not quit is to maintain space, remain steadfast and remain consistent. I offer support. I offer guidance. I become the support I didn’t have, creating a community that I didn’t think that I needed. In building this network, in building these platforms, my goal is to show the world the talent that Black writers have.

We exist. We matter. We aren’t going away.

#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 6 (2021)

When you begin any type of social justice work, activism or diversity training, you have to understand how often these words will come up! You have to understand that inclusion, equality and equity are going to mean different things to different people! As cliched as that sounds, you have to understand this. If you do no, if you choose not to, everything you are working for will be for you–and not the betterment of other people.

Let’s start with inclusion. Think of inclusion as a house that everyone can get into, know about, and can crash at. Inclusion is having the right to be heard or seen in a space–and be valued in it. Everyone whom is of a minority designation needs access to this house! The house is big enough, has enough rooms, and is centrally located! Even if we can’t all be in it at the same time, we still need access and to know where it is.

If inclusion is our house, then equality is the right to stay in it. To move in. To have right to be there without being asked why you are there! Equality is having the same access that everyone else will, does, and takes advantage of! Inclusion is the address of the house, and equality is the map and key to it!

Since inclusion is our house, equality is the key and lease, then equity says no matter where you move on that street that you will have a similar experience. You will not be accosted, shown something less nice if you decide to move, and you will only be treated with respect.

These things are interdependent–they cannot exist without the other. They will not exist without the other! They cannot. You cannot have equity and equality without inclusion. You cannot have inclusion and equity without equality. Inclusion depends of on equality so that access can be given to all that need it–which is the purpose of equity.

Check the houses you build. No one wants to build a graveyard.

#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 5 (2021)

Woke work is a dual-edged sword.

And being Black while doing any aspect of social justice, can be tiring–but it is necessary! It is essential that we as minority people ‘stay in the way’ as it relates to matters of race, class, and any type of social reform.

This work is essential, and dovetails into what Coretta Scott King said about freedom being won in every generation. Until those at the top relinquish power–and that power is often taken by force!–there will always be work to do! There will always be a space to break into, a voice to amplify, and a reason to keep watch over the weak and invisible!

Sometimes, honestly, this work is hard.

Sometimes, this work is thankless.

Sometimes, this work has slow rewards.

Sometimes, the only thing you can do is fight!

When you decide to do woke work aka being a Social Justice Warrior, you are part of the Avengers who are in the iconic scene in Avengers: Endgame! You have been called in to fight against Thanos, and all the powers of darkness sent from the Dark 9 Realms to stop all progress, justice, equality and fairness. You are an Avenger! You have to fight! Why? It is the right thing to do.

It is right to help protect the weak and vulernable!

It is right to protect children and those who cannot fend for themselves!

It is right to protect and preserve the land we and others live on!

It is right to do the work of making the world better–Alice Walker said that activism is the rent you pay for living on this planet. So, pay your rent.

We fight, because we cannot afford to die.